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Kallie ADMIN Kline
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New Area Code in September, 2017 - Contact Information for PACA Staff

Information provided by Grudi Associates, Palmyra, PA

According to an email received from Grudi Associates, a Central Pennsylvania Telecom and IT provider, a new area overlay is coming. The email reads:

Beginning this summer, a new area code will be issued in the geographic area that is now covered by the 717 area code. This “area code overlay” is being implemented because carriers are running out of 717 numbers. Moving forward, 717 and 223 area codes will both reside in this Central PA area.


Here is what you need to know:

  1. If you already have a 717 number, it will NOT change.
  2. Starting August 26, everyone in the 717 geographic area will be required to dial the full 10-digit number. Example: 717-123-4567. If you do not dial the area code the call will not go through.
  3. Beginning September 26, new customers/numbers in the 717 geographic area may be issued a 223 area code. All 223 and 717 phone number will require the area code to connect.
  4. Before these dates, you should change your business’s dial procedures and reprogram all affected phones and devices to dial the full 10-digit numbers. You should NOT wait until this change takes effect to do so. 10-digit numbers will go through now.
  5. Customers who currently have 717 area code numbers, and need to add additional new phone numbers after this change, could have both 717 and 223 numbers depending on availability.
  6. This will not affect the existing rates of calls within the 717 and 223 area codes.
  7. **SPECIAL NOTE FOR CELL PHONE USERS** Remind your mobile/cell phone end users to update any contacts/speed dials to reflect this change if they currently have only 7 digits stored for a contact.

This will impact dialing the PACA office and some PACA staff members cellular phones.  A complete list of contact information for PACA staff is available here.

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