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NRMCA Releases Report on Chloride Limits for Reinforced Concrete

Article provided by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Kallie ADMIN Kline 0 3215
The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in collaboration with Dr. Neal Berke with Tourney Consulting Group has completed a research project titled Evaluation of Chloride Limits for Reinforced Concrete Phase A. The research, conducted at NRMCA and Tourney laboratories, was to establish a relationship between the calculated total (initial) chloride content and the measured water-soluble chloride content in hardened concrete at a later age. The ACI 318 Building Code prescribes limits on water-soluble chlorides for concrete.

DEP Chapter 110 Water Withdrawal Reporting Due

Article by Josie Gaskey, PACA's Director of Environmental, Safety and Health

Kallie ADMIN Kline 0 4271
This DEP regulation establishes water withdrawal and use registration, monitoring, record-keeping and reporting requirements for facilities (quarries included) whose total withdrawal from the point of withdrawal, or from multiple points of withdrawal operated as a system either concurrently or sequentially, within a watershed, exceeds an average rate of 10,000 gallons per day in any 30-day period. Annual reporting is required by June following the report year.

Trump Administration Releases Budget Report

Article by Josie Gaskey, PACA's Director of Environmental, Safety & Health

Kallie ADMIN Kline 0 3213
On May 23, 2017, the Trump Administration released its fiscal year 2018 “taxpayer first” budget plan “A New Foundation for American Greatness”, cutting spending by $3.6 trillion over 10 years by dramatically reshaping federal spending, cutting anti-poverty and safety net programs, leaving Medicare and the retirement portion of Social Security untouched, and reaching a balanced budget by 2027.

New Area Code in September, 2017 - Contact Information for PACA Staff

Information provided by Grudi Associates, Palmyra, PA

Kallie ADMIN Kline 0 2825
According to an email received from Grudi Associates, a Central Pennsylvania Telecom and IT provider, a new area overlay is coming. The email reads:

Beginning this summer, a new area code will be issued in the geographic area that is now covered by the 717 area code. This “area code overlay” is being implemented because carriers are running out of 717 numbers. Moving forward, 717 and 223 area codes will both reside in this Central PA area.

Auditor General DePasquale Launches Audit of PennDOT

Kallie ADMIN Kline 0 2439
Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced on May 24 the start of a wide-ranging performance audit of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) procurement and contracting procedures, funding mechanisms, and the department’s sharing of drivers’ personal information.