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PACA's Advocacy Efforts Need Your Support

We need your financial support of the PACA PAC.

We are on the verge of an extraordinary election that could reshape the General Assembly and the Executive branch. Now more than ever, we must unite to support the political leaders that understand our issues and are committed to protect our industry in Pennsylvania.

We are truly in the midst of an unprecedented time for the Commonwealth after eight years of Executive Orders and record number of vetoes. We have heard for years the beating of the drum to fund everything through a severance tax on a natural resource that can truly reshape the future of our state for generations to come; we have been force fed RGGI that will increase electricity costs for our industry, financially punish every household in our state, and destroy a great industry that has fed and educated families for centuries; the daily cry from our state’s top regulator is about Climate Change or Environmental Justice and apparently we are guilty on both counts because we provide the materials that build this state and nation; and our head lawman preaches the Environmental Rights Amendment like we don’t care about clean water and clean air even though we are comprehensively regulated by both the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

And we are always guilty in their eyes. And are not wanted in their neighborhoods even though we were there long before anyone thought about a residential development. And they don’t want to admit to themselves that without our materials there is nothing but mud huts and dirt roads.

Yes, we need your hard-earned dollars to build firelines to stop or slow down the burning of our Pennsylvania.

That fireline is the General Assembly. Unfortunately, we are faced with an unprecedented legislator turnover due to resignations and retirements. You add the redistricting fiasco, and the election volatility should scare us all!

This year is not just about the November 8 General Election. The primary on May 17 is far more important due to redistricting and legislator turnover. That means we need to raise more than the $100,000 we raised for the last General Election. And we need funds early to support our legislative champions in the primaries!

The PACA PAC’s primary focus remains on regulatory issues. Consider wisely how you invest your personal dollars in shaping political decisions this election cycle. In the current adversarial climate, we can’t afford to lose more ground to the NIMBYS and the environmental industry.

We need a well-funded PACA PAC to protect our rights, achieve a balanced approach to business and the environment, champion economic growth for our Commonwealth, provide a good paycheck for our hardworking employees and defend our industry.

We ask you to make a contribution to the PACA PAC in 2022!

To make your financial contribution:

  • Write a [PERSONAL CHECK ONLY - corporate checks are prohibited] to the PACA-PAC.
  • Mail the check to PACA, Attn. Kallie Kline, 2040 Linglestown Road, Suite 204, Harrisburg, PA 17110.


Rod Martin, Martin Stone Quarries
Rob Stewart, York Building Products
Jamie Stilley, Amerikohl Aggregates

PACA to Hold Fundraiser for Ryan Mackenzie

PACA Members are cordially invited to join us for a fundraiser in honor of Pennsylvania State Representative Ryan Mackenzie. Ryan serves parts of Berks and Lehigh Counties. Rep. Mackenzie sits on the Consumer Affairs, Environmental Resources & Energy and Labor & Industry Committees. He also holds leadership positions with the Government Oversight (Chair) and the State Government(Subcommittee on Campaign Finance and Elections - Chair) Committees.

Ryan Mackenzie also assists the industry on many issues through his seat on the Aggregate Advisory Board.

This fundraiser is scheduled for the evening of Monday, April 11th at the Federal Taphouse in Harrisburg. Details are included in the downable invitation/RSVP card linked with this article.

Cost to attend is $50 pp and all checks must be personal checks and should be mailed to the campaign office directly, along with the RSVP card included with the invitation. (Corporate checks are prohibited by law.) RSVPs for attendance purposes and food counts should be emailed to Kallie Kline.

Sign Up for PACA's Reignited Government Affairs Community

PACA has reignited one of our communities that ALL PACA members are eligible and encouraged to champion by signing up to participate.

This reignited community is the Government Affairs Community, led by Rod Martin of Martin Stone Quarries, Inc. This community will serve as the voice of our industry as this has never been more important. By signing up for the PACA Government Affairs Community, you will be the first to know about issues and legislation impacting our industry in the General Assembly. You will be invited to Government Affairs and Regulatory Affairs (GARA) events that bring you face-to-face with key policymakers.

To join the Government Affairs Community, please email Kallie Kline.

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