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PACA Completes 2024 Membership Renewal Campaign

We have recently completed another successful annual membership renewal campaign.

All but one Producer Member company rejoined for 2024. Central Builders Supply Company has opted out of membership this year, however, we are pleased to announce the addition of three NEW Producer member companies for 2024:

  • Stagecoach Crushing
  • Swank Construction Company, LLC
  • York Concrete (former member who rejoined again this year after a few years away)

2023 saw a near-record high for Associate Business Partner members at 112 companies, thanks in part to the strong membership campaign of leaders like Jamie Stilley, Amerikohl Aggregates, Jonathan Kolbe, Allegheny Mineral Corporation and Rod Martin, Martin Stone Quarries, Inc.

During the membership renewal process, ten companies either opted out of membership or did not respond to requests for renewal payment. Those companies deleted from the membership rolls this year are:

  • Aggregates & Soils Testing Co.
  • BHL Company LLC
  • ErieTec, A Div. of Purvis Industries
  • Fenner, Inc.
  • GCP Applied Technologies
  • Griffin Financial Group
  • Kleinfelder
  • Kleis Equipment
  • Lincoln Contracting and Equipment
  • Zircon Industries

To date, four new Associate Business Partners have joined PACA:

  • Aerial Prospex LLC
  • Oil Service
  • Revolution Concrete Mixers
  • USI Insurance Services, Inc.

We remind all to SUPPORT PACA MEMBERS 1st!

When you have the need for first class equipment or services, please contact a PACA Associate Member to assist you. Our associate members are our partners and help us advance our industry and our association. WE all succeed by utilizing our community of people and companies.

We welcome our new members and look forward to working with them and meeting their representatives this year!

Thank You to The Following Companies Who Have Already Become MVP Sponsors!
  • Command Alkon
  • Highway Equipment & Supply Company
  • Murrysville Machinery Co., LLC
  • Rolling Rock Equipment Company

As a reminder, the option to purchase an MVP sponsorship entitling those companies to future exhibit opportunities closes on April 23rd. Contact Kallie Kline if you wish to learn more about the sponsorship or to purchase.

Sponsor Spotlight

Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company, Inc.

4565 William Penn Highway
Murrysville, PA 15668



We Need Your Help!

We are nearing the completion of the integration of a new online membership directory and product searchable "yellow pages" to upload to our website.

What does this mean for your company?

The information currently listed in our AMS (Association Management System or database) will automatically upload into this directory when it goes live. Whether or not the information is accurate is up to you, therefore we need your assistance to make sure that everything is correct.

What should be updated?

  • Company locations - plant sites, quarry sites, branch offices
  • Personnel and their titles
  • Email addresses and cell phones (PRODUCER MEMBERS: please note that these are for internal use only and will not be posted in the online directory per Board policy - ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: we will be listing this information for all sales contacts as a courtesy/member benefit for customer contact purposes - this will be the case across the board as the system does not allow us to pick and choose who does/doesn't get posted)
  • Your products and services - this is important for the searchable yellow pages to function correctly

How do you update your company's profile(s)?

If you do not wish to handle the company profile update yourself, please contact Kallie Kline with the name and email address of the person you wish to assign to this duty. This person must be designated as an "editor" in our system to allow them access to update the profile.

Once you or your editor are ready to update, please access your profile HERE and use the same login credentials you use to register to attend a PACA event.

If you need to add a new location, please email this information to Kallie to be added into the system.

If you have any questions, please contact Kallie.

We appreciate your assistance!

Advocacy News

Primary Election Day is Coming - VOTE - and Vote SMART

Article by PACA Lobbyist, Hank Butler

These past 2 years have shown us how deeply politically divided our country and state truly are. Members of PACA have seen the impact of how our government can hinder your opportunity to work and grow your business in Pennsylvania. At the state and local levels, we have seen the practices of Responsible Contractor Ordinances (RCOs), DEP over-regulation, and false permit reforms which will not expedite your permits, but return your money for the permit if the permit is not completed on time (this still does not solve the permitting problem in our state). These government regulations are being pushed to hinder and obstruct your right to run and operate your business the way you wish to operate and grow your companies.

On Tuesday Aril 23rd, Pennsylvanians from throughout the state will have an opportunity to choose the candidates they wish to represent them in the 2024 General Election. Pennsylvania voters in this state will be voting for candidates for the following positions:

  • United States President
  • United States Senator – one seat
  • United States House of Representatives (all seats)
  • Pennsylvania Treasurer
  • Pennsylvania Attorney General
  • Pennsylvania Auditor General
  • Pennsylvania Senate – ½ of the Senate seats (25)
  • Pennsylvania House of Representatives (all 203 seats)

This is an important election year and every vote is critical.

Please VOTE for the candidate that best represents:

  • You
  • Your family
  • Your business
  • Your community



PACA Events

Abrams to Speak at the April 25 Townhall Meeting in State College

Adele Abrams will be leading a three-hour regulatory safety track on Thursday morning, April 25 at the PACA Townhall Meeting at Toftrees Resort in State College. Adele will be presenting on respirable crystalline silica, MSHA surface equipment safety program, and MSHA & OSHA updates.

It is expected that the respirable crystalline silica rule will be published this month based on presentations at the NSSGA Annual Meeting last week and the federal Regulatory Agenda. Furthermore, the surface mobile equipment safety program became effective on January 19, 2024 and enforcement of the standard will begin on July 17, 2024.

Registration for Adele's safety track can be found here.

PACA Brings Back Concrete 101

PACA is bringing back our Concrete 101 course. This course has not been held since 2018. The best news - it is coming back at the same price as back then!

What else can you get for the same price as it was in 2018!

PennDOT district materials personnel will be joining us for these classes.

If you would like to help as an instructor for any of these classes, please contact Jim Casilio.


Thursday, May 9 - Roaring Spring, PA

Tuesday, May 14 - Harrisburg, PA

Tuesday, May 21 - Clearfield, PA

Thursday, May 23 - Dunmore, PA

Tuesday, May 28 - Bridgeville, PA

Wednesday, May 29 - King of Prussia, PA


We need three instructors for each class. This is a great way to help to build positive relationships within our industry. The students will appreciate your time and help and will benefit from your experience.


The following schedule applies to all locations:

7:30 AM - Registration
8:00 AM - Welcome and Introductions
8:10 AM - Material for Concrete Mixtures
9:45 AM - Break
10:00 AM - Group Concrete and Mix Designs
10:30 AM - Mix Design Procedures and Examples
12:00 PM - Working Lunch and Practice Mix Designs
12:30 PM - Mix Design Projects - Small Group Projects
2:00 PM - Presentation and Discussion of Mix Design Projects
3:00 PM - Adjournment

Design & Control of Concrete Mixtures, 17th edition

Can be purchased through PACA when registering at a discounted price of $105 per book
purchased through the Portland Cement Association for $149 plus shipping at cement.org.

Course fee: $85 per student


Market Engagement News

Second e-Learning Course Now Available

Our second e-learning course has been released - Adopting Innovations to Improve Durability and Designing for Sustainability. Please spread the word!!!

This course includes methods for cutting CO2 emissions in concrete we can use today, assessing durability of sustainable methods, assessing Codes, Standards & Specifications and what are the barriers we face when trying to design for sustainability.

Contact Tricia Lingenfield if you are interested in purchasing an access key to forward to a designer/specifier in your market. PDH hours are available for this module.

PACA to Hold Low Carbon Concrete Event in Conjunction with NRMCA

PACA, NRMCA and Nurdura have joined forces to hold a Low Carbon Concrete event May 15, 2024 at Toftrees in State College. The event is targeted at the design and specifying community, and you are encouraged to share the registration information with any of your contacts in those communities.

Read more about the event HERE. Registration for this event is available HERE.

Lunch and Learn Held in Dunmore

On April 10, 2024, PACA Staff member, Susan Armstrong, had the pleasure of meeting with the staff at Reuther+Bowen in Dunmore to discuss Adopting Innovations to Improve Durability and Designing for Sustainability. The presentation was well received and great discussion followed regarding how performance-based specifications can also help lower the carbon footprint of concrete in projects.

Environmental, Safety & Health News

OSHA Finalizes Contentious "Walkaround" Rule

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has finalized a controversial new rule which OSHA states is for “clarifying the rights of employees to authorize a representative to accompany an Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance officer during an inspection of their workplace.”

While it has been the right of employers and employees for some time to authorize a current employee to accompany an OSHA inspector during an inspection, this new rule now allows for a company representative to be a non-employee/third-party, potentially including union representatives and/or safety advocates. Specifically, the final rule states, “that a non-employee representative may be reasonably necessary to the conduct of an effective and thorough inspection based upon skills, knowledge, or experience such as knowledge or experience with hazards or conditions in the workplace or similar workplaces, or language or communication skills.”

NRMCA worked with industry partners to oppose the rule which becomes effective May 31; click here to review the final rule.

Source: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

EPA Finalizes Phase 3 Rule for Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions

The the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized its “Phase 3” rule aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from heavy-duty trucks, including concrete mixer trucks, dump trucks and tankers, to name a few. The new standard begins with model year (MY) 2027 vehicles through MY 2032. According to EPA, the “standards are technology-neutral and performance-based, allowing each manufacturer to choose what set of emissions control technologies is best suited for them and the needs of their customers.”

While the initial Phase 3 proposal focused heavily on electrification of heavy-duty vehicles as means for reducing GHGs, NRMCA and its industry partners strongly countered EPA’s assumptions about the capability of such technologies and their effectiveness with heavy-duty truck configurations, functions and power demands. In light of these realities and those posed by numerous other heavy-duty truck stakeholders, EPA softened its stance in favor of allowing more combinations of different technologies to reach their GHG reduction goals.

Click here to review the final Phase 3 rule

Source: National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

PA DEP Aggregate Advisory Board Meeting Rescheduled for May 7

The next PA DEP Aggregate Advisory Board meeting has been rescheduled to May 7th at 10:00 a.m. You may attend in person at the Rachel Carson State Office Building (RCSOB) or virtually through Teams.

The agenda and Teams link has not yet been posted, but if you check here two weeks ahead of the meeting, all information including handouts should be posted.

Army Corps of Engineers and WOTUS

Army Corps of Engineers      

In the U.S. Supreme Court's Sackett v. EPA decision, the Court addressed the question of when federal authority extends beyond traditional navigable waters. SCOTUS' decision was that WOTUS (Waters of the United States) includes only those waters and wetlands that have a continuous surface connection to traditionally navigable waterways. This decision forced EPA to amend its definition of WOTUS that limited the scope of federal authority by limiting the scope of WOTUS to only wetlands with a continuous surface connection to traditionally navigable waters and streams that are relatively permanent, standing or continuously flowing bodies of water.
      Because of that decision, some waters no longer fall under the scope of the Clean Water Act. However, the Corps has decided these waters "to be of vital importance to the functioning of healthy watersheds and ecosystems." As a result, a new Corps Memo of Understanding (MOU) dated March 22, 2024 was issued and directs the Corps to use applicable authorities and available resources to engage in "specific actions to protect, restore, and enhances our Nation's waters and wetlands that are now more vulnerable even if they fall outside the new geographical scope of the CWA." One of these efforts is for the Corps to continue to evaluate compensatory mitigation proposals to determine whether the proposal is sufficient to offset losses of aquatic resource functions and services caused by permitted activities, regardless of jurisdictional status of the aquatic and other resources provided by a compensatory mitigation project.

We wanted to bring this to your attention just as a heads up, as this may suggest that the Corps will require mitigation for impacts that are outside of its jurisdiction. If this happens on one of your projects, you may want to push back indicating that wasn't the SCOTUS decision and then contact us.

PA DEP Personnel Updates

Moshannon District Mining Office      

The new permit chief at Moshannon DMO is Dan Husted effective March 25. He came from DEP's Northcentral Region Air Quality Program and all permitting matters should be addressed to him. His contact info is: [email protected] and his office phone no. is 814-342-8103. Please note, as of this morning, this phone number is not yet in service, but DEP indicates it should be soon.
      As you may know, Greg Aaron is now the Knox Environmental Program Manager since December 2023, and at the same time was still acting as the Moshannon Tech Chief. He will still be assisting with permitting matters at Moshannon for a while yet, so if you had projects that he previously worked on, you can still copy him on those. His contact info is: Office: 814.342.8113 | Mobile: 814-883-9103 |Fax: 814-797-2706.
      Also, Scott Barnes and Bill Brusse will be retiring as of April 5, 2024. However, they'll be coming back part-time starting in early May for the remainder of 2024.

Certification News

NRMCA Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification

What is the difference between the NRMCA Exterior Flatwork Finisher certification exam and the ACI Flatwork Finisher exam?

The NRMCA Exterior Flatwork Finishers Certification is the preferred certification program to meet the upcoming PennDOT requirement. This is due to the fact that it carries a lifetime certification and its focus is on finishing practices to achieve durable exterior concrete.

You can also meet the PennDOT requirement by either holding or getting the ACI Flatwork Finishers certification. That certification is required on many commercial construction projects, but it does carry a 5-year renewal.

PACA has scheduled an upcoming NRMCA Exterior Flatwork Finisher certification exam as follows:

April 23, 2024 - State College, PA.

More information on this exam is available HERE.

To register, visit our website HERE.

PACA and Penn College Unite

PACA and Penn College united by holding two ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I certification classes for the Concrete Science program and the Civil Engineering program. In total, 58 students attended the certification classes along with 4 students from Penn State University – Main Campus.

This certification opportunity for students gives them a good foundation for understanding the products they will be working with, designing with and using. The importance of proper testing on the jobsite cannot be understated!

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Aggregate Technician Certification Program Completes Successful Season

Aggregate Technician Certification program completes a successful 2023-2024 season!

This season, 93 attendees successfully completed this course and earned their certification. As we wrap up another successful year of the PennDOT Aggregate Technician Certification course, we extend our gratitude to the team of PennDOT and industry personnel who by working together bring meaningful professional development to their colleagues.

  • Mike Matthews, Chris Fetterer, and Seth Wolfinger with PennDOT LTS
  • Industry lead instructors, Tim Kindt from Pennsy Supply and Janki Shah from Allan Myers
  • Mike Spellman, Rob Hocum, and Rysheen Jackson from Heidelberg Materials

We also extend a warm welcome and thanks to our first-year instructors:

  • Madison Kistler from New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc
  • John Bunting from Highway Materials, Inc.

We look forward to the start of next year’s classes in the Fall of 2024.

PennDOT News

PennDOT Announces Personnel Changes

Michael Rebert, P.E., Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration has announced several personnel changes over the last several weeks

1. Douglas M. Thompson, P.E., began serving as Assistant District Executive for Construction in District 11-0, effective February 17, 2024.

Doug brings over 30 years of Construction Management and Bridge and Structural Engineering experience. He began his career with the Department in 1994 as Civil Engineer Trainee. Since then, he has been promoted to Civil Engineer, Senior Civil Engineer Supervisor, Structure Control Engineer, Principal Assistant Construction Engineer, Acting District Bridge Engineer. Doug has been acting as the Assistant District Executive in Construction since October 2023.

2. James T. Pruss, P.E., began serving as Assistant District Executive for Design in District 9-0, effective February 17, 2024.

Jim brings over 25 years of project delivery experience, with expertise is highway design, project management, innovation and leadership. He began his career with the Department in 1998 as a Civil Engineer Trainee. Since then, he has been promoted to Planning and Programming Manager, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager and has been serving as Portfolio Manager and Plans Development Engineer since 2012.

3. Mr. Rebert also announced the temporary appointment of George M. Uhl, P.E. as Acting Assistant District Executive for Construction within Engineering District 2-0, effective March 22, 2024, through May 3, 2024.

George began his career with PennDOT as Civil Engineer Trainee September 1987. Since then, he has held various positions to include Civil Engineer Bridge, Acting Construction Services Engineer, Assistant Geotechnical Engineer, Assistant District Bridge Engineer, District Bridge Engineer, and Acting Assistant District Executive. George serves as District Bridge Engineer from March 2019 to the present. George is a Pennsylvania State University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering.

4. Kevin M. Keefe, P.E. has been appointed as District Executive for Engineering District 8-0, effective March 30, 2024.

Kevin began his career with PennDOT as a Civil Engineer Trainee in November 1992 for the Bureau of Construction & Materials. Kevin was later promoted to Quality Assurance Engineer where he served in Districts 6, 5 and 4. Kevin began working for District 8 in 2008 serving as the District’s Assistant Structure Control Engineer. Since then, he has held various positions within District 8 including Assistant Construction Engineer, Structure Control Engineer and Construction Services Engineer. Kevin served as Acting District Executive in 2023 and serves as Assistant District Executive – Construction from November 2019 to present. Kevin is a Pennsylvania State University graduate with an Associates in Surveying and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology.

5. Mr. Rebert has announced Stephen Gault, P.E., PTOE as Acting Director of Bureau Operations for Highway Administration effective March 30, 2024, through June 7, 2024.

Steve joined PennDOT in 2018 as a Civil Engineer Consultant after serving in private sector 2004 through 2018 as Project Manager with Traffic Planning and Design, Inc., Township Administrator/Engineer with Mount Joy Township, and Traffic Project Manager with Michael Baker International. Steve currently serves as Program Manager 1 with Bureau of Operations within Highway Administration. Steve is a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Buy America's Manufactured Products Waiver Notification

Please see the attached letter regarding Buy America's Manufactured Products Waiver Notification that was sent out to Bulletin 15 Manufacturers in late March.

Should you require additional information, please contact Matthew B. Briggs, Chief, New Products and Innovations Section, at 717.346.1581 or [email protected].

Source: Office of Christine Norris, P.E., Director, Bureau of Construction and Materials, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Industry Events

Registration Now Open for Groundwater Symposium

11th Annual Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium

May 23, 2024

With Optional Field Trip on May 22

Groundwater professionals, natural resource managers, educators and others interested in the management and protection of water resources are invited to attend the 11th annual Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium happening May 23 at the Best Western Conference Center in Harrisburg, preceded by an optional day long field trip highlighting springs, caves and other groundwater resources in the Cumberland Valley on May 22. Participants who attend the symposium are eligible for up to .75 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Those who also attend the tour are eligible for another .5 CEUs.

Registration fees are $70 for professionals (Increasing to $80 after May 9), $50 for students, and $40 for volunteers in the Penn State Extension Master Well Owner Network. Registration includes conference materials, lunch and refreshments. The Cumberland Valley Groundwater Tour is $40 which includes coach bus seating, lunch and refreshments. Seats are limited so please sign up early.

For more information, including a list of topics and speakers at this year’s event, or to register, visit the conference website or contact Andy Yencha, Water Resources Educator, Penn State Extension, [email protected] or 717-240-6510.

Registrants can receive continuing education credits for attending all sessions. The Symposium agenda is available here.

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