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Join Us for Our July Members Forum Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, July 11th at 11:00 AM

SPONSOR: Conviber, Inc.


Nicole Maher, CIM Acting Executive Director
Jake Ables, NJIT CIM Liaison & Silvi Materials

TOPIC: National Concrete Industry Management program and NJIT Update

Hear a timely update on the national Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program and what the Pennsylvania ready mixed concrete industry must know about the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) CIM program.


Gary Steibauer, Babst Calland
Jess Deyoe, Babst Calland

TOPIC: SCOTUS Decisions and Impact on Industry

In the span of five days, the U.S. Supreme Court issued three decisions with the potential to significantly alter the future of federal administrative law. These decisions, Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, No. 22-451, 603 U.S. --- (2024) (Loper Bright) and Securities and Exchange Commission v. Jarkesy, No. 22-859, 603 U.S. --- (2024) (Jarkesy), and Corner Post, Inc. v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, No. 22-1008, 603 U.S. --- (2024) (Corner Post) are poised to have profound implications for federal agency regulatory and enforcement actions, particularly those involving federal agency actions under the major environmental and energy statutes.

Please note: these two presentations will complete the hour-long members forum session. No staff updates are included in the agenda this month.

Coming Soon to the Stockpiles Section of Our Website

Summer Summit is in the books and was a HUGE success. Friends and families came together to network, hear some informative presentations and to have some fun in the process.

Coming soon to the Stockpiles section of our website will be presentations from this meeting. To access, please use the your registration login information.

ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I WRITTEN RETEST Exam Scheduled

Do you have someone in your organization who failed and needs to retake the ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade I WRITTEN exam?

PACA has scheduled a written retest (only) exam day for August 6th from 8 AM to Noon at Rohrer's Incorporated in Lititz, PA.

To register for this exam, please go HERE.

Technical News

Sign Up Your Source for the Pennsylvania ASR Block Study

PACA and NSSGA are working with a top team of researchers on the Pennsylvania ASR block study site located near Penn State.

As the research team begins to organize the final details of this research, now is the time to let us know if you would like your source to be included in this study.

If you are interested in including your source or sources, please send us your source code, geology, and most recent ASR designation from PennDOT - R0, R1, etc. Please email this to [email protected].

We will keep all PACA members updated as details of this research are finalized.

Sponsor Spotlight

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