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Executing Low Carbon Concrete Symposium

May 15, 2024 - 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Toftrees Golf Resort, State College, PA

Help Accelerate the Use of Low-Carbon Concrete

Join us for a one-day symposium on resilient building design, where architects, engineers, and contractors will explore the integration of Zero Energy and Resilient Construction methods for sustainable communities. In an era marked by climate challenges, this event focuses on innovative approaches that fortify structures against disaster while promoting energy independence. Discover how resilient construction, combined with energy-efficient design and robust materials aligns with sustainability principles, offering a balanced solution for durability, energy efficiency, and disaster resilience. Come collaborate to envision a future where buildings actively contribute to environmentally conscious and sustainable communities.

Please share the information with your customers and design community who would like to learn more about low carbon concrete.

More About the Topics

BUILD BETTER CREATIVITY INTO YOUR DESIGNS WITH ICF’s - Learn more about Designing gorgeous and sustainable buildings that offer superior performance benefits which can help your structures leave a lasting impression and positive impact. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) let you do just that while giving you the maximum design flexibility to create the unique structures you envision. Give your clients a safe, reliable, and sustainable building that will keep them satisfied and comfortable for years to come.

NRMCA ‘s Matt Lemay will discuss Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which is a communication document that quantifies environmental impact data from manufacturing a product. It is a summarized report extracted from an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that complies with the ISO 14040 series. Although environmental disclosure can found in a variety of reports, they are most often cited as an Industry-Average EPD, or preferably, a Product-Specific EPD. EPDs are being specified in green building standards and codes (LEED, IGCC) v4, advocacy initiatives (Architecture 2030 Challenge for Products) and even referenced in State and Local legislation. These types of market-based and regulatory initiatives are driving an increase of EPDs in many industries and product categories.

Type IL Cement - The Portland Cement Association (PCA) has committed to reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050. The use of Portland Limestone Cement, or Type IL cement, will help achieve this goal. Learn more about the development of this product and how it is a greener option.

How to Measure Your Carbon Footprint- NRMCA Concrete Carbon Calculator Tool - The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's (NRMCA) Carbon Concrete Calculator is a tool that helps concrete producers, contractors, and design teams collaborate on projects that reduce embodied carbon. The calculator uses Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and concrete mix designs to calculate a structure's carbon footprint. It then automatically generates a report that compares the anticipated carbon reduction potential of a low-carbon concrete project to original benchmarks. The calculator also helps users:

  • Compare baseline projects to proposed low-carbon projects
  • Benchmark against NRMCA, GSA, state, and local
  • Set voluntary benchmarks for low carbon concrete
  • Help write specifications for the lowest carbon footprint for concrete projects
  • Establish a carbon budget

Who Should Attend?

Architects, engineers, general contractors, facility managers, building decision makers, owners and developers interested in learning about the economic benefits of building more sustainable structures.

Six (6) continuing education credits will be available.


7:30 AM: Registration.

8:15 AM: Welcome & Introductions.

8:30 AM: PACA Presentation – Sustainable Concrete in Pennsylvania (.5 PHD) (Susan Armstrong – PACA).

9:00 AM: Developing and Building with ICF (Nudura) (1 PDH).

10:00 AM: EPDs Made Easy – Matt Lemay (NRMCA) Brian Davis (Climate Earth).

11:00 AM: Type IL Cement – Clayton McCabe, Argos Cement, a Summit Materials company. TBD – Buzzi Unicem USA (1 PDH).

12:00 PM: Lunch – Solutions to Lower Your Carbon Footprint, (Heidelberg Materials – Dominic Giovannucci) (1 PHD).

1:00 PM: How to Measure – NRMCA Concrete Carbon Calculator Tool, the use of an implementation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and utilizing CTAC/Concrete Testing Adherence Collaboration. Ken Crank (PACA)/Frank Mruk, (NRMCA) (1 PDH).

2:00 PM: Building with Sustainability in Mind (1 PDH) Low Carbon Concrete; PSU College of Engineering Research & Teaching Space; Centre Concrete – Rory McCoy; PSU – Facility Management; Whiting Turner (TBD); UPMC – Mercy Center and EPD and the Concrete Producer ; Bryan Materials – Justin Bryan

3:00 PM: Adjourn.


PACA Young Leaders Event - Please RSVP by Next Friday or We Will be Cancelling

HELLO to all of PACA’s Young Leaders!

I hope everyone’s season is off to strong start. Just as our season has taken off, baseball season has begun too! In an effort to provide more networking opportunities for the YLDG, join us for a networking event on June 7 as the Reading fighting Phils take on the Harrisburg senators!

This event is open to all YLDG members and their families. Registration is $75 per person, four and under are free, and include game ticket and dinner buffet. This event provides an opportunity to mingle and get to know our fellow young leaders in the industry, bridging the gap between our social and professional experience, all while we enjoy America’s favorite pastime!

Don’t delay, registration closes NEXT FRIDAY, May 17.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, and looking forward to seeing all of you!


Daniel S. Ridenour

Director of Engineering and Planning - PA Ops York Building Products

Chair, PACA's Young Leaders Development Group

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May 21, 2024
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May 22, 2024
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CANCELLED - Concrete 101 (Mix Designs) - Dunmore, PA
May 23, 2024
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Concrete 101 (Mix Designs) - Bridgeville, PA
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May 29, 2024
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The Summer Summit room block at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay expires May 28th!

Technical News

ASR Exposure Block Study

To: The PACA Technical Communities

From: Janki Shah, Tom Abbey, and Mark Moyer

Reference: ASR Exposure Block Study

As chairs of the TWG's (Technical Work Groups), we are pleased to share with you that on Thursday April 25th, the FAA funding (ACPTP) came through for the ASR (Alkali-Silica Reactivity) exposure block study.

This came about from the tireless efforts of Hadi Rashidi, NSSGA Director of Technical and Engineering policy, Michele Stanley, NSSGA EVP and Chief Advocacy Officer, and Jim Casilio, PACA Director of Technical services. This project will be led by a collaborative team of Oregon State University, Penn State University, University of Texas at Austin, the University of New Brunswick, and RJ Lee. There will be several block sites across North America, however most of the blocks for this study will be located in Pennsylvania.

Let's not forget that none of this would have been possible without New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co.'s support in providing the land for the project, and the broad commitment of our members to participate in and support this important research. This is truly a monumental step for PACA and our entire industry.

Market Engagement News

PACA Goes to Philadelphia

PACA Team Member, Susan Armstrong, had the pleasure of presenting “Zero Defects Concrete” to Gilmore and Associates of Philadelphia. With a youthful staff, they felt a need to educate their staff on the basics of materials and common issues with concrete. Discussions on specifications, placement and curing led to a beneficial and more in depth discussion on how important it is to certified personnel placing and testing concrete.

Also while in the Philadelphia area, Susan had the opportunity to meet with Luke McHugh of NRMCA and R K & K Engineering at their King of Prussia location. The focus of the discussion centered on the use of recycled concrete aggregates as both a subbase and as an alternative aggregate for ready mix concrete. A follow up meeting is being scheduled to further discuss these topics and how they can benefit the construction community.

Sponsor Spotlight

Commonwealth Equipment Corporation

36 Hazleton Street
Ashley, PA 18706

TOLL FREE 877.217.4474
Phone 570.270.5790


Members in the News

Burch Materials has a New Name and Look - Introducing EastRock Solutions!

Starting in early May, Burch Materials & Supplies has officially rebranded to EastRock Solutions, to best reflect who we’ve become: an efficient, modernized provider with deep regional roots, and a passion for advancing American infrastructure. To see our new look, visit www.eastrocksolutions.com.

Why the New Brand? Dave Explains:

“During our more than 40 years as Burch Materials & Supplies, we built incredible bonds with our customers and suppliers by adhering to five core values: loyalty, integrity, respect, ingenuity and dependability. As EastRock Solutions, those remain our guiding principles, with the addition of two more: innovation and speed. We are now doing more for our customers, in more places than ever before, and we are doing so with the same attentiveness and care for which Burch was renowned. We are proud of our heritage and excited for our future.”

The new brand identity embodies this fusion of legacy and promise. “With ‘EastRock’ we wanted to pay homage to the strength and dedication of our region’s workers – all of our communities depend on their fortitude. The word ‘Solutions’ is quite literally what we now provide to you – we solve problems, no matter the scope or scale. Finally, our wordmark and colors are our heart on our sleeve – we are an American company supporting American employers, and we are dedicated to keeping the country moving forward.”

What Does this Mean for You?

Cool new EastRock gear! Other than that, business as usual. Thank you for your support and loyalty to Burch over the years. We will work hard as EastRock Solutions to earn your continued business in the years ahead!


EastRock Solutions Team

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