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July Members Forum Online Meeting Complete Agenda Available

1. Welcome, Antitrust Statement & Confidentiality Policy

2, Sponsor Presentation - SIKA Corporation

3. Featured Speaker – Justine Kasznica, Babst Calland - Topic below

4. Staff Updates

  • Hank Butler – Government Affairs
  • Josie Gaskey – Regulatory - Chapter 102 Upcoming Fee Package & Aggregate Advisory Board Meeting & Tour – August 4

5. Open Dialogue

6. Adjournment

Top Tech Trends and Legal Issues and Practical Considerations of Adopting Advanced Technologies by the Construction Materials Industry

This presentation will identify many of the emerging technologies that are currently being incorporated across the construction materials industry value chain and the associated legal considerations. Use of enterprise software solutions, autonomous devices, robotic functionality, drones and related technologies are key to increasing efficiency and safety in the workplace and field operations, but introduce legal risks that need to be understood and addressed. Babst Calland technology attorney Justine Kasznica will summarize some of these key tech trends facing the construction material industry and offer pragmatic solutions to address the associated legal risks.

Speaker - Justine Kasznica, Babst Calland


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