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Learn How to Participate in the the Industry-Wide Environmental Product Declaration and Benchmark Report for Concrete

NRMCA will revise the Industry-Wide Environmental Product Declaration (IW EPD) and Benchmark Report for Concrete in 2023. Green building standards and policies continue to drive environmental disclosure. NRMCA published previous versions in 2014, 2016, 2019 and 2021 and will revise the IW-EPD and Benchmark Report for Concrete to ensure the latest environmental data are included per the standards and regulations.

Join NRMCA for a FREE webinar to discuss the process for participating in the IW EPD and Benchmark Report, and why your participation is critical.

Date: August 24, 2023
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern

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For questions contact Matthew Lemay, (847) 323-0413.


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Aggregate, Cement and Concrete - Market Development Town Hall Meeting

Susan Armstrong, PACA's Director of Specifications and Sustainability

Please consider being a part of the new Market Development Community and participate in the upcoming Town Hall Meeting to discuss your thoughts on how we can successfully support you, our members and communicate the benefits and importance of our products to specifiers, developers, contractors, and owners.

I have begun scheduling visits with producer members and am looking forward to working with each of you as I begin my journey to both enhance and improve the specifications for aggregate, cement and concrete and show how our industry and products lend themselves to sustainable construction. Our Association is only as strong as our members’ engagement. The importance of participation on all levels is the foundation of our success. Community engagement allows for an ongoing dialogue between decision makers and stakeholders. A diverse set of perspectives are critical in gaining a balanced understanding of the community's views and enhances the value of that community.

With your help I would like to focus on individual specification challenges that our industry faces, and to help the specifying and design community better understand our materials. The focus of my efforts will be concentrated exclusively on the commercial and residential markets.

Regarding sustainability, we all know that there are limited natural resources, and that due to its resilience and versatility, concrete is the most consumed building material in the world. The importance of reducing the carbon footprint, from the cement manufactured, the aggregate mined, to the concrete produced. Education is KEY! We all know Type IL, EPD’s, and sustainable construction practices are here. I am available to discuss how our industries can help you provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly project to key stakeholders of the design and specifying community.

Improvements in the quality of on-site testing are certainly needed. My goal is to help designers understand the impacts of these and how they can develop specifications to best address these issues. Our team of Ken Crank, Jim Casilio and I will be working in collaboration with ACI to clearly define responsibilities and minimize risk to all involved in a construction project. Ensuring properly trained people are performing the required work is essential and can be achieved by requiring the proper certifications depending on the work being performed.

I look forward to meeting with all members as we begin the journey together as we look to the future and help create a wider use and acceptance of our materials and provide an eco-friendlier climate for generations to come.

Please be on the lookout for a notice for the Town Hall meeting which will be held via Zoom.

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