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We Need Your Voice! PA UCC Building Code Public Virtual Hearings in partnership with ACI

Your Voice is Needed at the PA Building Code Hearings

RSVP by January 26 of your commitment to testify to [email protected]

February 1, 2024 (East) – Testimony Prep Meeting 1/30/2024 @ 9:00am

February 29, 2024 (Harrisburg)

March 28, 2024 (West)

Prep Meeting for other meetings to be scheduled.

The PA Building Code is reviewed and updated every three years. The time has come to address the following deficiencies of the current PA Building Code:

Section 1703.1.3 Requiring those inspecting and testing concrete to be certified and providing a table of minimum certifications for inspectors and technicians.

  • 80% Non-Compliance with Building Code Requirements
  • Minimum Special Inspector and Technician Qualifications Chart
    • Difficult for Inspector to enforce – what certification necessary?
    • Deep within ASTM/ACI
  • Important special inspections not being conducted by properly certified personnel
  • Proper wording placed front and center in building code requirements for concrete construction and awareness in building code requirements reduce non-compliance

Section 1703.6.2 Requiring the testing agency to provide copies of testing reports to the concrete producer when they're issued to their client.

  • Detect changes in concrete performance
  • Recognize testing variability which affects test results
  • Continuous application of code required acceptance calculations
  • Critical adjustments to the mixtures before potential issue arises
  • Assessing the contractor’s level of control
  • Making code required revisions to the overdesign values

Prepare testimony for one of the three virtual public meetings to be held by the Regulatory Advisory Committee (RAC). It does not matter which meeting you “attend”. Please see the helpful tips from Jill Gingrich, Communications Consultant, and the supporting information for the proposed changes. What is important is that they hear the problems that are occurring out there and why it is important – In your words and experiences.

Public Hearing Testimony Tips from Jill Gingrich, Communications consultant.

At the January 30th meeting will review these tips and help you prepare for your three (3) minutes of testimony.

RAC 2024 Public Hearing Testimony Tips

Think about your goal(s) before you give your testimony. That should include:

  • Talking about the impact of the rule change on your company, its work and the community at large.
  • Discussing the proposed change as simply as possible. Remember, many of those in attendance are not familiar with your industry so it is very important to speak in layman’s terms. Keep it simple.
  • Avoiding industry and company jargon and acronyms.
  • Reviewing the talking points provided by PACA so you can speak in your own voice and perspective.
  • Looking for visuals (graphics/photos) that would be beneficial.
  • Writing down (use a notecard, phone app) your three main points you want to express during the testimony.
  • Practicing.


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