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State Advocacy Push - ACT NOW!

State Advocacy Push - ACT NOW!

We need your help NOW!

Action to Lower Motor License Fund Bleed!

Seven (7) Pennsylvania construction materials, contractor and consulting engineering associations signed a LETTER asking for the General Assembly to reconsider the bleed from the Motor License Fund (MLF) to Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). At this time (2021/2022 state budget), the total is $673M diverted to PSP operations. The Governor has proposed a reduction of diverted MLF monies from $673M down to $500M for the 2022/2023 budget (state fiscal year commences on July 1).

We are asking for the diverted funds to level off at $200M starting in the new fiscal year on July 1st. This is the time of sausage making in the General Assembly with the budget approval process. We simply can’t do it without your help!

Our friends at the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors (APC) have offered to use of one of their grassroots tools to engage with your state legislators. I have done it and it took less than 30 seconds! Please make the push now because we will lose a golden opportunity to lower the PSP impact on MLF funds!

Click HERE to share your ask with your elected legislators!

Thank you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Peter Vlahos with any questions.

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