Aggregate Technician Certification

About the Certification

The Aggregate Technician Certification Program was initially developed in 1997 in response to a Federal regulation stating:

“After June 29, 2000, all sampling and testing data to be used in the acceptance decision or the
independent assurance program will be executed by qualified sampling and testing personnel.”

Continuous improvements are being made to the program through a work group consisting of PennDOT personnel and PACA members and staff; who also serve as instructors and proctors for the program.

Requirements for the program and the retest process are highlighted in PennDOT Publication 725.

Courses are held at PennDOT's lab in Harrisburg, PA.

Dates for the course and course registration are hosted on the Northeast Center for Pavement Technology's (NECEPT) website.

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Supplemental Guide Offered by PACA

Aggregate Technician Reference Manual

Order your optional Aggregate Technician Reference Manual! Note: This guide is not the actual text book used for the certification exam.

Includes the following:

  • PTM 1 Method of Test for Probability Sampling
  • AASHTO T2 Sampling of Aggregate
  • PTM 607 Sampling of Stone, Slag, Gravel, Sand, and Stone Block for Use as Highway Materials
  • AASHTO R76 Reducing Sample of Aggregates to Testing Size
  • PTM 616 Sieve Analysis of Coarse and Fine Aggregate
  • AASHTO T27 Sieve Analysis of Coarse and Fine Aggregate
  • PTM 100 Amount of Materials Finer than No 200 Sieve in Aggregate
  • AASHTO T11 Materials Finer than No 200 Sieve in Mineral Aggregate by Washing
  • PTM 501 Determination of Fineness Modulus of Fine Aggregate
  • Outline version of PTM 616 and PTM 501 with examples
  • PTM 6 Determination of Percent Within Limits (PWL) for Construction Aggregate
  • AASHTO T255 Total Evaporative Moisture Content of Aggregate by Drying
  • AASHTO T84 Specific Gravity and Absorption of Fine Aggregate
  • Outline version of AASHTO T84 with examples
  • AASHTO T85 Specific Gravity and Absorption of Coarse Aggregate
  • Outline version of AASHTO T85 with examples
  • PTM 513 Total Moisture of Anti-Skid Materials
  • PTM 510 Soundness of Aggregate By Use of Sodium Sulfate
  • PTM 518 Hand Specimen Petrographic Examination
  • PTM 519 Wet-Dry Durability Test
  • PTM 608 Calibration of Mechanical Shaker
  • AASHTO T304 Uncompacted Void Content of Fine Aggregate
  • AASHTO T19 Bulk Density (“unit weight”) and Voids in Aggregate
  • PTM 620 Method of Test for Friable Particles
  • AASHTO T103 Freeze Thaw Durability of Aggregates

Cost is $90 + tax per copy

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For questions regarding the registration process, contact Kallie Kline.

For questions regarding specific content in this course/workshop, contact Jim Casilio., P.E.

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