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American Concrete Institute

PACA staff represents Pennsylvania construction materials producers on these important specification writing committees:

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ACI Committees

ACI 221 - Aggregates

This committee is currently rewriting ACI 221.R “Guide for Use of Normal Weight and Heavyweight Aggregates in Concrete." The rewrite of Chapter 4 - Effects of Processing and Handling of Aggregates on Properties of Freshly Mixed and Hardened Concrete -has passed the ballot of this committee. Members of the PACA Aggregates Technical Community contributed to the revision of this chapter. This is the first chapter to be completed, pending ACI Technical Advisory Committee/TAC review. Review and balloting of other chapters of this guide are in progress.

ACI 132 - Responsibility in Concrete Construction

The committee has approved a revised tech note that strengthens the wording for the responsibility of the Testing Agency to properly maintain and report the initial curing of concrete test samples in the field. This will provide national support to the PACA-sponsored HB 2276 legislation.

201 H - Aggregate Reactivity

Committees 201 Durability and 221 Aggregates have given approval to the joint ownership and development of a document that will be the ACI consensus document on aggregate reactivity - including the subjects of alkali–silica reaction (ASR), alkali-carbonate reaction (ACR) and pyrrhotite. An important factor to industry is that the outline for this document includes sections addressing the limitations of the current ASR test methods.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Reducing Scaling of Concrete Surface

PACA staff and members have joined with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) on an initiative to address this issue. The goal is to improve the service life and durability of concrete used on transportation, commercial and residential construction across Pennsylvania.

The two main features of this program are:

  • Education and certification of concrete finishers
  • An education module for construction inspectors, specifiers, and owners. This training is designed to provide the knowledge needed to reduce the occurrence of scaling

PACA provides a unique educational opportunity to the concrete industry through the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) Exterior Concrete Finishers Certification program.


PACA , the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation & the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

PACA staff and members represent our industry and work with PennDOT and the PA Turnpike Commission on three important committees. These groups work to bring innovations into practice and provide solutions to material specification concerns. A few of the current topics before these committees are:

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Quality Improvement Committees

Aggregate Quality Improvement Committee (AQIC)

- Bulletin 14 Step Process - Skid Resistance Level (SRL) of Aggregates - Deleterious Shale - Recycled Concrete Aggregates

Concrete Quality Improvement Committee (CQIC)

- Automated temperature recordation and reporting for initial curing - Shrinkage reducing admixtures (SRA) - Concrete plant technician program - A PennDOT sidewalk specification

Cementitious Materials Quality Improvement Committee (CMQIC)

- Continued discussion of the TR7011 forms - Use of electronic reporting for cement and supplementary cementing materials (SCM) test data - Discussion of paperwork and reporting requirements for plants with automated loading

Technical Communities


Aggregate Technical Community
Tom Abbey, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.

Concrete Technical Community
Chair - Mark Moyer, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

Cementitious Materials Community
Chair - Jeff Hook, Lehigh Cement Company
Vice Chair - Shawn Kalyn, St. Mary's Cement

Staff Liaison - Jim Casilio, P.E.

PACA - Building and Connecting Communities