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Message from PACA's Chairman of the Board, Jeff Detwiler, New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co., Inc.

It is my honor to serve you as the PACA Chair and look forward to working closely with Jamie Stilley and Travis Rohrer along with our Executive Committee and the Board of Directors during this exciting and transformational period for our Association.

The Board of Directors approved the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan last year to serve as the roadmap for our member leadership and the staff as we strive to strengthen our member products and services and drive value each and every day to our members.

You will hear me talk about member value in the months to come but for the moment I want to share our strategic plan objectives:

  • Laser Focus on Regulations & Specifications
  • Drive Business Development by Supporting, Defending and Promoting ready mixed concrete, cement and aggregates
  • Effective Communications to Defend and Advocate for our Life Sustaining Products and their importance in the economic development of the Commonwealth
  • Grow NRMCA and ACI Certification programs to meet the growing training needs of our customers, specifiers and other stakeholders. We must protect our materials through teaching!
  • Proactive Succession Planning for our professional staff. We must recruit quality individuals to assume the mantle.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying. The days of remaining quiet and hoping for the best are long gone in today’s environment. We must be strong in belief and always factual to defend and promote our materials and our member companies. Without our materials, there is truly no civilized society.

Our Building & Connecting our Communities theme reminds us of our commitment to grow, service and support our members’ companies and employees and to stand up and speak proudly without fear about our materials and their importance and value in delivering economic development and progress in our state.

Focus Areas

Capitol Dome


PACA connects our members to Pennsylvania policymakers, introduces legislation, monitors legislation and proactively acts on legislation that can have an adverse impact on our aggregates, concrete and cement industry.

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Concrete Promotion

PACA drives a member-approved strategic plan to increase market share and engages specifiers and owners on the value of concrete in their projects.

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PA Wetlands


PACA monitors and analyzes local, state and federal regulations and advocates for a balanced approach by the regulators.

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Our Products


PACA builds a bridge between our members and our partners at PennDOT, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike along with Pennsylvania’s construction industry to further the use of our materials to the benefit of the Commonwealth.

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PACA - Building and Connecting Communities