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Bob Housel

Message from PACA's Chairman of the Board, Bob Housel, Masters RMC, Inc.

PACA's unified vision is Building & Connecting Our Communities. As the producers of construction materials – aggregates, ready mixed concrete and cement – we are the foundation to anything and everything that we experience in our daily lives. From our homes to our houses of worship to our schools and the places we work in, along with the roads and bridges that connect the more than 2,000 communities in Pennsylvania.

The Building & Connecting our Communities does not stop at the physical manifestation of our products. This Association is the place to bring us together, to build relationships, to create a common goal of promoting and protecting our materials, to unify and amplify our voices across Pennsylvania and to recognize the people that make our industry great each and every day.

The challenges and opportunities in 2020 are presented in the Year-In-Review.


Focus Areas

Capitol Dome


PACA connects our members to Pennsylvania policymakers, introduces legislation, monitors legislation and proactively acts on legislation that can have an adverse impact on our aggregates, concrete and cement industry.

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Concrete Promotion

PACA drives a member-approved strategic plan to increase market share and engages specifiers and owners on the value of concrete in their projects.

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PA Wetlands


PACA monitors and analyzes local, state and federal regulations and advocates for a balanced approach by the regulators.

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Our Products


PACA builds a bridge between our members and our partners at PennDOT, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike along with Pennsylvania’s construction industry to further the use of our materials to the benefit of the Commonwealth.

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PACA - Building and Connecting Communities