Who is PACA?

Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association


The leading voice for the crushed stone, ready mixed concrete, sand and gravel, and cement industries' community.

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Who is PACA?

There are many moving parts that make us the productive, valued association that we are.

"It takes a village" as they say. And, the PACA staff is just a small part of that community and we couldn't do what we do without all these other moving parts. From our industry; to our members; to our honorees that make the industry proud; to our association leaders and finally; many volunteers always giving freely of their time, knowledge and skills; the PACA community is strong, unified and pushing our construction materials industry forward in Pennsylvania.

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Our Mission

The aggregates and ready mixed concrete industries provide the construction materials that are the building blocks of our society. PACA safeguards the industry from common threats; expands market opportunities; trains a productive workforce; educates and communicates the value of construction materials to all Pennsylvanians; serves as the gathering place for industry stakeholders; and, unites divergent interests into a shared platform for action to benefit the aggregates, ready mixed concrete and cement industries in Pennsylvania.

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Our Industry

The Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA) is Pennsylvania's leading voice for the crushed stone, ready mixed concrete, sand and gravel, and cement industries' community. The PACA community represents not only many Pennsylvania born and bred companies, but many small businesses and multi-generational companies - all of who believe it is important to do business in an environmentally sound and financially responsible manner.

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Our Members

The Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA) is the industry’s unified voice, representing more than 200 member companies across the state.

We want to thank our ever-growing list of members for their continuing support and their belief in the benefits we provide.

Last updated as of December 31, 2019.

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Our Honorees

An integral part of our Annual Meeting in November is our Honors Program. This highly anticipated and important program honors our member companies and their employees for their contributions to their Association, their community, their company and more. Also honored are exceptional concrete projects completed by our members in the Commonwealth this year.

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Our Leaders

The governance of this Association is broken into three groups. The overall governing body is the PACA Board of Directors. The three Officers of the Board and other key members make up the Executive Committee who serve as the vigilant overseers of important issues facing the industry and our Association on a monthly basis.

Our Associate Board of Directors, consisting of individuals employed by our business partners, is the group responsible for policies and issues facing those partners. The Chair and Vice Chair of this Board are invited to participate in all PACA Board of Directors functions/meetings with the Chair having a vote on all issues before the PACA Board of Directors.

Our Leaders

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

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Associate Board of Directors

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Our Communities

Community - a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. This is an excellent way to describe exactly why we call our "committees" communities. There are no rosters. Come one, come all!

Our communities address the most important issues facing our industry toward common goals for the betterment of the industry. All members are encouraged to attend and participate in the work of PACA's communities as they are the lifeblood of the Association.

Communities are open to PACA member company employees only.

What Communities Are Available?

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Our Communications

PACA actively communicates with members, non-members and the public at-large with our various methods of communication.

We have an online presence through various social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and plan to expand our social media offerings in the future.

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Our Advocates

STIC, Penn Tech, Aggregate Instructors. etc.

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Our Staff

Team of professionals

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