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Our Honorees

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PACA Honors Outstanding Companies, Individuals and Projects

Ambassadors of the Industry Hall of Fame

The Ambassadors of the Industry Hall of Fame has recognized over 100 individuals for their years of service to the industry or their individual company, their involvement in their community, exceptional service to the industry, impeccable safety records and more.

Excellence in Concrete Recognition Awards

These awards honor those projects that show superiority and distinction in the areas of commercial, residential, decorative projects and/or other projects based on a list of criteria established by a panel of industry experts; as well as, companies or people of note in Pennsylvania's ready mixed concrete industry.

Additional Honorees

Other honorees that have been highlighted are the Pennsylvania Mixer Driver Rodeo champion, companies who have received national awards, our volunteers, new member companies, and more!

Honors Program Book 2022

Honoring the Distinguished in 2022

It is our distinct pleasure to introduce the following honorees to you. We take great satisfaction in the accomplishments of the individuals and companies in our industry and feel they deserve to be recognized publicly for all that they do, for taking pride in their jobs and the quality of their work and for going above and beyond - whether at work, in the community or with their families at home. To see our 2022 winners and honors, please take a moment to browse our Honors Program e-book which includes (and much more):

  • Ambassadors of the Industry Hall of Fame
  • Excellence in Concrete Recognition Awards
  • National Recognition & Chairman's Awards
  • PACA Emerging Leaders Academy Graduates
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Past Inductees

As of 2022, over 100 individuals have been inducted into PACA's Ambassadors of the Industry Hall of Fame.

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Past Winners

We have an long list of winners of our prestigious Excellence in Concrete Recognition awards, dating back to 2006.

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