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Associate Board of Directors

Associate Board of Directors

Partnering to Make Our Association Strong

Following are the members of the Associate Board of Directors, who work in conjunction with PACA's Board of Directors to lead this association forward toward common goals.


Terry Schmidt, EarthRes Group, Inc. - term expires in 2023

Vice Chairman
Greg Donecker, Kemper Equipment - term expires in 2023



  • Vince Pagano, Highway Equipment & Supply Company
  • Collin Bender, CarbonCure
  • James Lolcama, KCF Groundwater, Inc.


  • Bob Braun, Airmatic Inc.
  • Robert Frontino, SIKA Corporation
  • Tom Schachner, Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc.


  • Lee Miller, IMA ESS
  • Nathan Moore, Continental Placer, Inc.
  • Michael Peelish, Law Office of Adele Abrams, PC

Immediate Past Chairman

  • Paul DeAngelo, Skelly & Loy, Inc., a Terracon company
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