Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification

About the Certification

There are three levels of installation certification and this program is the entry level or technician. You must start at the technician level and you progress to the other levels with project experience.

ACI 522.1-13 includes language which requires personnel certified in pervious concrete to be on the installation crew at each project.

ACI 522.1-13 prerequisites

ACI 522.1-13 prerequisites:

Pervious Installers

(prerequisite is technician level, ACI flatwork finisher certification and documented 10,000 Sq Ft of installation experience.)

Pervious Craftsman

(prerequisite is technician level, installer level and a performance evaluation and documentation of 1,500 hrs of pervious concrete work, or documentation of 3,000 hrs of pervious concrete work experience.

This is an opportunity to certify your crew so that you are qualified to bid on projects mandating ACI 522 compliance.

NOTE: Since the release of ACI 522.1-13, the requirements for installing pervious concrete have been upgraded and the former specification requiring five (5) technicians is no longer a prerequisite.

Our program consists of: six (6) hours of classroom training followed by the exam and placement of pervious concrete. Don’t get caught shorthanded. Be sure you have enough trained individuals.

If you have additional questions regarding this certification, please contact Ken Crank.

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For questions regarding the registration process, follow up after taking an exam, etc., contact Kallie Kline.

For questions regarding specific content in the exam and testing procedures, contact Ken Crank.

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