Pennsylvania Aggregate Technician Test Method Reference Manual Online Event

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January 1st - 1st, 2021 Register Here

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This reference manual is NOT the workbook needed to take your Aggregate Technician Certification exam. This is an optional, supplemental reference guide.

This manual has been compiled to assist technicians taking the PennDOT Aggregate Certification exam. This book will also serve as a reference document for use in the quality control labs of aggregate production facilities.

This manual contains all the relevant PTM and AASHTO test methods necessary to meet the documentation requirements of PennDOT Bulletin 14. The AASHTO test methods have been reprinted under a license agreement with AASHTO. ASTM standards have not been included in order to keep publication of this manual to an affordable cost.

These test methods are periodically reviewed and updated. It is important that technicians verify that the test methods they are using are current.

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